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Getting What You Want: What You Need to Know before Building Your New Veterinary Clinic

You have worked hard and have built a successful veterinary practice. Revenues are growing and you have a solid client base. You’ve always dreamed of building your own building, a facility that fits your style and the growing needs of your practice, but you’re uncertain.

  • Where do I begin? I have no construction experience. I’m a doctor of veterinary medicine, a good one. But a building contractor? No way!
  • What resources will I require to transform my dream into a reality?
  • How do I find the right architect and contractors? People who will listen to me. People who will design and build what I want at a cost I can afford?
  • What will it really cost? How will I know if I am getting a fair price and a quality product?
  • And, I don’t want to — no, I can’t afford to — make a mistake. But who can I trust?

These are the types of questions many veterinarians have when they are ready to build their new animal hospital. Don’t feel alone. This whitepaper will provide you with the information you need before you begin your project to guide you to the right people, to the right project delivery system and to the right result. It will help provide you with the answers you need to complete your project on scope, on schedule and on budget.

What’s Inside

This whitepaper includes three sections that provide detailed information on how to define project parameters; how to select the right project team, including sets of questions that you should ask architects, general contractors and construction managers; and how to select the right project delivery system.

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