Sauk Valley Newspapers

Sauk Valley Newspapers contracted with Key Builders’ design-build construction services to reimagine an old lumber yard and transform it into a state-of-the-art newspaper facility..

What was it like to work with Key Builders?

They were very easy to work with. We had a good engagement with them and a good working relationship. They were professional.

How did Key Builders perform?

They delivered on time and under budget, which was exceptional.

Did Key Builders save you money?

Yes. They did value engineering for us when we found the project was over budget. Thanks to Key’s recommendations, we saved tens of thousands of dollars.

Did Key Builders help you save money on the project?

Yes, they definitely saved us money. Once we had settled on the design, we established a cost-sharing incentive for making improvements that lowered the cost. As work progressed, Key Builders found solutions that benefited both our company and Key Builders.

Did Key Builders offer innovative design and construction solutions?

Key Builders guided us well. They had some interesting ideas in terms of reusing materials that were coming out of the facility. For example, there were windows in the front of the building that weren’t part of the redesign, so these nice glass panels were going to be taken out. Key Builders recommended using those windows in the production area where there would have just been a wall. We followed their advice. This added natural lighting to the production area and showcased our production facilities, which now could be seen from the highway.

They also had design ideas that made existing designed elements look more attractive for no additional cost. There were about a dozen main support columns throughout the building. They were going to be the main access points for electrical wiring and computer cables. They had the idea of capping them off with crown molding and then placing mirrors on the top 20% of the columns. This created the illusion that the columns did not extend to the ceiling and that the space is more open. I frequently point this out to visitors as a unique design element to the building.

What are Key Builders’ people like?

The people we worked with were down to earth and very proficient in their expertise.

Has Key Builders’ work stood the test of time?

Ten years later it is still an excellent facility. Visitors are so impressed with the layout, professional beauty, and simplicity.

How does working with Key Builders make you feel?

We enjoyed the experience of working with them.

Have you continued working with Key Builders?

Yes. We have continued to use them on a couple of different projects and continue to have very positive experiences with them.

What message would you have for anyone considering hiring Key Builders?

I would recommend Key Builders without hesitation or reservation.