Our Process

- Consultation -

We will visit the property and discuss your project vision, needs, and goals.

- Budget -

Based on the budget you had in mind and your vision that we discussed, we will develop an initial budget that can be revised as needed. 

- Design -

Once we have your initial budget and goals established, we will begin to collaborate with you and your architect to create and review plans for the space. 

- Materials -

After reviewing plans, we will create a materials/ labor list to better figure all costs before finalizing a budget.

- Budget Review / Approval -

We then discuss your finalized budget, based off of your approved designs. The budget can be reviewed as needed. All budget changes will be submitted for your approval. 

- Home Construction Documents -

We will prepare final designs and construction documents. Homeowner will select interior design products and finishes. 

- Contract -

After the final design and budget have been approved, the contract will be presented and signed.

- Building Permits -

If needed, we will begin the process to procure necessary permits and special building approvals. 

- Construction -

Building will begin according to approved plans and specifications.

- Daily Cleanup -

At the end of each working day, our workers will tidy the area worked in, or block off areas to prevent minimal mess. 

- Communication -

We will have open communication with you throughout the whole process. If you ever have any questions or concerns please inform us right away. 

- Post Construction -

A walk through will be done upon completion along with any punch list corrections. Client will then be asked for final approval on the project.