Abiding Word Church

Location Sterling, Il
Architect 4th Dimension Design, Inc.

Project Detail

Completed in 2008, the Abiding Word Church in Sterling, Illinois, is a beautiful example of Key Builders’ construction management and design expertise for church construction.

Through value engineering, Key was able to analyze the designs for the church and find more economical ways of executing them. This saved the church tens of thousands of dollar, allowing the project to stay on budget while maintaining square footage and functionality of the church’s original design.

Key Builders’ own design team was called into action to revamp the lobby and the theater, creating awe-inspiring concepts that made parishioners proud to call Abiding Word Church their home.

Special construction features included a geothermal HVAC system, a foam roof deck with a high-R insulation system, a Broadway-style theater, and a panoramic ceiling area in the lobby.


From the Client

“They saved us in so many different ways. They saved us money. They saved us time. They saved us heartache.”

— Rev. Scott Porter, Senior Pastor, Abiding Word Church

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