Our Process

At Key Builders, we think about construction in a totally new way.

We tear down the silos that separate the stakeholders. We bring the owner, architect, contractors, and construction manager onto the same team to focus on a single goal: your project. We create a mentality of partnership by assembling the right team: people who understand how to work together.

What happens when stakeholders work as a team?

They add value, share information, and honor commitments. They share responsibility and authority and seek out everyone’s input. They put the interests of the project ahead of their own.

What does our process offer owners?

More choice and more control, because the owner is involved in decision-making for all aspects of the project, including budget, schedule, safety, quality, contractor selection, material selection, and change orders.
Better relationships, because our process puts all stakeholders on one team focused on your project.
More transparency, because our process is an open book. Owners always know the status of their projects with respect to cost, schedule, and scope, thanks to clear, scheduled communication with all stakeholders.
Greater accountability, because our process focuses on results. We build checks and balances into the process to keep everyone focused on project deliverables.

What’s unique about our process?

We focus on communication.
During the design phase, we have clear discussions with the owner about scope, schedule, budget, quality, and safety. All team members (owner, architect, contractors, and construction manager) work together from the beginning to proactively identify issues, find solutions, and meet all project parameters and the owner’s needs. This resolves problems early in the design phase, rather than through expensive change orders once construction begins. During construction, we hold regular weekly meetings with all team members to discuss all aspects of the project.

We develop a project plan.
The plan defines the roles and responsibilities of every team member. The plan binds each member into a team committed to working together and sharing responsibility for decision-making, project risks, and project rewards.

We establish performance goals.
We routinely measure team member performance. We establish performance incentives to reward achievement. We manage project scope, schedule, and budget on a daily basis.

What is the effect on the project?

Work gets done more efficiently. Projects are completed faster for less cost. Risk is reduced and fewer claims are made. The building is a superior product with greater functionality.

What are the results for owners?

Owners save money, because all stakeholders work together as a team to find efficiencies, control expenses, and minimize cost.
Owners save time, because all stakeholders work together to stay on schedule, avoid change orders, and ensure that the project, as designed, can be built.
Owners receive a superior work product.
Owners’ goals and expectations are met or exceeded.
Owners experience a better construction process, with less uncertainty and stress.

At Key Builders, our project delivery systems are designed to provide clients a greater level of control, more choices, day-to-day accountability, and real transparency. For more information on project delivery systems, please contact Joe Bell at (815) 875-6114 or by email at jbell@kbc-inc.com.

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