At Key Builders, our clients are key.

When you contract with Key Builders, we’ll raise the bar on your expectations of what a design-build and construction management firm should be. We understand that no matter what size the project it is very important to you. That is why Key builders will do whatever it takes to get the job done right and the customer satisfied.


At Key Builders, architects are key.

When it comes to design-build, construction management, and our other service areas, Key Builders views the architects it works with as key business partners in a collaborative construction process. Along with our contractors and financing entities, we are all working together to bring results to the client.

Every day we strive to strengthen our relationships of trust and integrity with architects. For the contractors we work with, we’re committed to being a reliable and ethical business partner, offering opportunities for long-term growth, an environment of fair treatment, and lasting, sound relationships.

Our Future

Key Builders is a company on the move. We are a company with a proud heritage and unlimited potential. We believe in and are committed to grow- seeking new ways to create value for our customers.

What do we intend to grow?

  • The number and quality of our business relationships
  • Our knowledge, leadership and management skills,
  • Our technical expertise,
  • Our business and project management systems, and
  • Our ability to compete and win in an ever changing business environment.

How we will grow?

  • We will employ the best people in our industry,
  • We will continue to empower our team members,
  • We will focus on continuous learning and incremental improvement.

Why Choose Key Builders?

We are honest, trustworthy, and credible.

We’ll partner with you fairly and honestly. We’ll build relationships based on honesty, trust, and credibility.

Our People

We have an impressive depth of staff, providing excellent fieldwork, outstanding management and breadth of experience.

We build exceptional relationships.

You’ll be our most important client. You’ll see that your project will be more than just another job to us. We’ll be a trusted business partner that you’ll view as an extension of your own organization. We’ll build great relationships with both the owner and the architect so we’ll work together as a team to construct a quality building.

Architects often report that Key Builders “made my job easier,” because we work as a partner with the owner and the architect, building long-term, win-win relationships during the design and construction process. We are a sophisticated firm experienced in partnering with architects, and we know how to manage paperwork and documentation that architects require. When it comes to your local contracting community, we know how to seek out the best, regardless of where projects are located.

We are great communicators.

You’ll never wonder what’s going on at the construction site. We’ll keep you informed with clear, scheduled written and verbal communication. At our weekly meetings, we’ll answer any question you have, whether about process, status, or cost.

We save you time and money.

We’ll create and seek out value. Through value engineering, we’ll help you save tens of thousands of dollars in construction costs. Our buildings cost less to construct and are completed in less time. Our innovative solutions help reduce the cost of ownership, operation and maintenance. And we’ll always be up-front about cost before work is executed.

We offer choices, with no surprises.

Our construction process will provide you with clear choices in service providers, greater control over your project, and no surprises. We’ll offer multiple perspectives, because we work with a portfolio of more than 40 architects, the best subcontractors in your area, and respected financing entities.

We do things right the first time. If there is ever a problem, we stand behind our work.

We’ll pride ourselves on being on scope, on time, and on budget, every time. We’ll hire exceptional contractors, and if a problem ever arises, we’ll be there to take care of it, no questions asked. We’ll strive to do all work right the first time, because rework costs money.

We keep your business open during construction.

Key Builders will work around your schedule and needs. We’ll help you keep your business open during construction, and our contractors will be respectful of the needs of your business.