Key Builders Now on Pinterest!

Monday, January 4th, 2016

Pinterest IconKey Builders is now on Pinterest! We are very excited to be able to utilize this tool as a collaborative platform through which clients can share their personal inspiration, style and ideas directly with our design team in an effort to create spaces most in-tune with their vision. Everything from color schemes to furniture, let us create a board for you for your next home, office or renovation. Get started now by simply sending us a message and our in-house designer would be happy to create a board both parties can contribute to. Let’s start putting some ideas together for your next project!

Pinterest allows avenues to engage clients in the design of their own project, allowing them to have greater input and subsequently greater control of their finished project.”

Benjamin Fisher, Architectural Designer, Key Builders Inc.

Key Builders Now Offers Full Design Services

Monday, January 4th, 2016


Key Builders Inc. is excited to welcome Benjamin Fisher to lead our company’s newest division into a market that, until now, has been void from the local community. By bringing Benjamin on-board to lead our own in-house design team, Key Builders has streamlined the entire construction process from concept through completion, increasing the overall efficiency and feasibility of every project and ultimately saving our clients time and money. A 2011 graduate of the University of Colorado with a B.S. in Architecture, Benjamin adheres to a very unique design ethos. A theory implemented through a modest approach to architecture, Benjamin focuses not on simply creating beautiful designs, but more importantly, creating functional, feasible and efficient spaces geared entirely to the end-users application and its long-term viability. Whether residential or commercial, Benjamin is ready to tackle your renovation, additions or new constructions of all sizes and scopes.

Key Builders goes on the road for assisted living renovation

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

In December 2009, Key Builders finished the renovation of 34 apartments at the Good Samaritan Society assisted living facility in Lodi, Wisconsin.

CADM Architecture invited Key Builders to work on the project after the successful completion of the Prophets Riverview independent living facility in Prophetstown, Illinois.

We support national accounts, wherever they need us.

“We support national accounts, wherever they need us,” says Sara Hudson, Business Development Manager of Key Builders. “Even when we travel, we find it possible to create a consistently superior product. And we strive to maintain a local feel by partnering with the best of the local contracting community. We recognize that building local relationships is often critical for the client’s success. The key is to assemble a great team that communicates and works well together.”

Key Builders completed the renovation of the 34 rooms in 11 months, working on six rooms at a time to minimize the impact on residents. Affected residents were moved into temporary housing for the four to five weeks it took to complete each series of rooms.

Even when we travel, we find it possible to remain competitive, because we partner with the best of the local contracting community.

“We took special care not to disturb the residents,” says Sara, “because the facility had to remain open and fully functional throughout this project.”

According to Sara, Key Builders’ personnel were a good fit with the residents: “Not only did we work for the management team at the Good Samaritan Society, we also made the effort to build great relationships with the residents.”

The key is to assemble a great team that communicates and works well together.

Sara says that Key Builder’s process at the Good Samaritan Society is characteristic of how the firm works with healthcare facilities: “We recognize that construction can be an invasive and disruptive process, especially in a hospital or assisted living environment. That’s why we work very hard to make sure we fully acknowledge the needs of a client’s business, operations and patients.”

Natural lighting system brings green tech to Midwest

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Thanks to a recently signed exclusive distribution agreement with California-based DayLite Natural Lighting, Key Builders is bringing proprietary natural lighting technology to 19 Midwestern states.

Natural lighting systems decrease the cost of doing business by reducing the need for artificial light during the day.

“Our natural lighting system is unmatched in its performance and return on investment,” says Joe Bell, Project Manager of Key Builders. “This technology allows you to turn the lights down or off for as many as 10 hours each day. In addition, the patented DayLite natural lighting system improves visibility with a higher level of illumination and a better quality and distribution of light, features that we believe make for a safer working environment and improve employee productivity and morale.”

Studies have shown that natural light is healthier than incandescent lighting, increases workforce productivity, improves student test scores, and can lead to increased sales in retail locations. These natural lighting systems can also be used for buildings looking for LEED certification.

Natural lighting systems decrease the cost of doing business by reducing the need for artificial light during the day. For the average commercial enterprise, 40% of utility expenses are linked to lighting, while another 10% are due to the cooling demands for heat generated by inefficient artificial light.

Significant tax incentives also exist for the installation and use of natural lighting products.

Key Builders has been awarded a contract to represent DayLite Natural Lighting products in 19 Midwestern states from Canada to Texas.

Anyone interested in seeing natural lighting systems in action is welcome to visit Key Builders’ headquarters in Princeton, Illinois, where the company has DayLite’s light wells installed in its offices. Key can also arrange a walk through of one of its commercial client locations that have recently had the product installed. The photos above demonstrate the power of natural lighting in commercial and industrial construction.

DayLite’s breakthrough technology is a perfect fit for Key Builders mission to seek out cutting-edge technologies,” according to Joe. “These natural lighting systems increase the functionality of the buildings we design and build, and this technology solution decreases the lifetime cost of ownership and maintenance of the building.”

Key Builders is also looking to expand its portfolio of green building technology offerings through additional lighting technology, wind power, and geothermal heating and cooling systems.

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