Greenfield Assisted Living

Phil Kaufman, administrator at Greenfield Assisted Living, was one of the primary contacts with Key Builders when his facility contracted the firm in 2007 for a $3.4 million addition.

What factors did you take into account in choosing Key Builders?

We looked at Key Builders’ ability to handle a project of the size we were doing. We looked at their depth of staff. And we took into consideration that they are an established firm with a track record.

You chose Key Builders’ design-build project delivery system, rather than adopting the traditional design-bid-build approach. How did you arrive at that decision?

At first we considered adopting an architect-driven approach. But we began talking to Key, and they talked to us about the benefits of a design-build project delivery system. We also knew we wanted to work with an area contractor, because we recognized that that’s who would be coming back in ten years to handle any future work with the facility. It is a good marriage to have a contractor who has built these buildings and have them in there at an earlier level to say whether a design will work.

We decided to go with Key Builders and their design-build project delivery system. We believe that the contractor relationship should be the primary relationship, and it has worked well for us. To us, it was more critical to have a contractor that we could work with and have a good relationship with.

Greenfield Assisted Living is a licensed healthcare facility that is open 24 hours a day. How did Key Builders work with your business to keep it running during construction?

I thought Key Builders was excellent in their ability to work around our needs and operations at the same time. The timing of deliveries was critical. For example, we didn’t accept shipment of all of the wall materials; we accepted it in stages because there wasn’t storage for it all at once. They also maintained a clean construction site.

Also, Key Builders’ site supervisor always went above and beyond the call of duty, making sure that the project went smoothly. He also made sure that everyone involved in the project responded very quickly and effectively to outside licensing requirements.

Key Builders worked exceptionally well with a small construction site and an ongoing licensed program operating at the same time on the site. Simply put, Key Builders understood our needs.

Did Key Builders do quality work that would last?

We have sheltered care, basically assisted living. We are a private not-for-profit, and we built our facility basically to the same specs as if it were a nursing home.

We felt that Key was on board in understanding our interests and our goals in making it a building that would be around 100 years from now. We wanted future generations to say that it had been a good thing that we spent a little money so the building would be around for their benefit. Key Builders was instrumental in our achieving that level of quality during both design and construction.

Did changes crop up during the project? How did Key Builders deal with them?

Key Builders did an excellent job of researching a wide variety of options and systems to pull together the project within the budget that we had. I worked through every change that Key suggested, and all changes were ones that added value to the building. There were a couple of surprises, like stuff buried in the ground that we were unaware of. We also made changes that saved us money.

Key would always discuss cost before executing work. They were good at detailing all charges and all costs up-front so we knew exactly what we were getting into.

How does Key Builders make you feel?

The main word would be comfortable. They’re interested in putting together a quality product, and they understood our needs.