John Grice, Gorski Reifsteck Architects

Key Builders made my job easier.

When Gorski Reifsteck Architects is looking for a general contractor who knows how to work with architects, they make sure that Key Builders is on top of the list.

Here’s an interview with John Grice, construction manager for Gorski Reifsteck Architects in Champaign, Illinois.

Q: Do you have a favorite experience in working with Key Builders?

A: My last project with Key Builders was a bank remodel that was probably about seven months long. The job was very difficult, without disruption of service to the bank or its clients. Throughout the project, Key Builders made my job easier. They did an exceptional job. It was quite an accomplishment to do all of the work without having to shut the bank down. The bank president was very pleased.

They were also outstanding on communication throughout the project. Every day, every step of the way, the project manager was communicating with me. I never had to chase him down.

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Q: From your perspective, what are Key Builders’ best qualities?

All in all, they deliver. They know what the expectations are. They are remarkable start to finish.

A: They are star players in my book. They show up, come the distance, and play hard. They’re well prepared, and they meet and exceed our expectations. If there’s a hiccup somewhere, if there is something that needs to be adjusted, they adjust it.

All in all, they deliver. They know what the expectations are. They are remarkable start to finish.

Q: As an architect, what is it like for you to work with Key Builders?

I look forward to working with them because we make a great team.

A: I look forward to working with them because we make a great team. All of their people are very respectful, very polite. They are fantastic to work with.

Key Builders knows how to work with architects, and they understand the paperwork and submittals.

Sometimes I’ll work with a contractor whose work is great, but who can get lost in the soup of the paperwork. So I’ll have to drag them through the soup a couple of times, and then they get it. But in the case of Key Builders, they come ready to play the game and they get it done.

Q: Is Key Builders responsive to your needs as an architect?

A: After a project is completed, the president of Key Builders has always come down to Central Illinois to talk directly with us to see how it has gone. They have great follow-up. From A to Z they are number one in my book.

Q: What is Key Builders like on price, in comparison with other firms?

A: They have been remarkably competitive, even when they have to come in from a distance and pay for lodging and meals for their crew. They come in under or slightly under where we expect them to be, so they are very competitive.

Q: How does Key Builders’ management compare to their fieldwork?


A: They have very good management as well as fieldwork. In the years I’ve been working, it’s unusual to have all of those good qualities in one basket. Sometimes with some general contractors you’ll have great office staff, but field staff that doesn’t want to communicate with you, or great fieldwork, but a front office that doesn’t return phone calls.

Q: Is Key Builders willing to travel for your projects?

A: When I say that they come the distance, I mean that literally. Key Builders is willing to travel for project work, when not too many people are willing to do so.

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