At Key Builders we think about construction in a totally new way.

At Key Builders, our services are key

With 40 years of experience designing and constructing quality buildings through the following services:

  • Construction Management
  • Design- Build
  • General Contractor

Key Builders is a leader in the provision of design-build and construction management services. Our design and construction solutions help our clients save money — during construction and throughout the life of their building — by reducing the cost of ownership, operation, and maintenance.

Throughout our projects, we focus on providing exceptional service and excellent communication to owners and architects alike. A small firm with big company project management systems and expertise, we have the proven capacity and capability to successfully manage projects, delivering consistently superior results.

At Key Builders

We think about construction in a totally new way.

We tear down the silos that separate stakeholders. We bring the owner, architect, contractors, and construction manager onto the same team to focus on a single goal: your project. We create a mentality of partnership by assembling the right team: people who understand how to work together.

Develop a Project Plan

Focus on Communication

Establish Performance Goals